Monday, April 23, 2012

Blogging From A To Z: T is for


Who?  Last post was Superman and now....Terra?

She's the first girl to break my heart.

Terra first appeared in New Teen Titans 26.

She eventually joins the Titans in issue 30.

For two years she was a Titan.  I always thought she would be the Kitty Pryde of the team....that despite the hints, foreshadowing and mini-reveals, the story would end differently.

It is tough to post much without spoiling.  And the title of the story arc pretty much tells you all.

But these four issues turned my comic world upside down.  This was pre-internet...pre-Wizard...there was no community of comic fans spoiling stories....I was lucky to find new issues in one of the two or three stores that carried comics on their spinner racks in town...

It turns out that Terra's joining the Titans and acting like a hero was all a ruse.  The whole time she was working with the Titans' enemy, Deathstroke the Terminator, in order to betray and kill them.  

The eventual reveal

And the inevitable...tragic ending...

(Too small to read, but you get the gist)

A detailed, better synopsis can be found HERE and Terra's history is HERE.


  1. I LOVE the Teen Titans. They actually inspired my current WIP. I'm still catching up on years of unread Teen Titan comics (which has been a lot of fun), and I just think it's a terrific premise for a series.

  2. All your posts for A to Z are on comics? That is the best theme ever!

  3. Super heros and comic strips - great theme!

  4. Hey MOCK, thanks for the plug to my continuity for Terra. The link for the entire history of the character is:

    Cheers, TOB

  5. Terra is one of the great comic book stories that has remained untouched, incredibly.

  6. Big Teen Titans fan. I have most of the those comics as well. Don't remember Terra well, so guess I need to go dig them out and read them again.


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