Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blogging From A To Z: A is for


Avengers 5 - Thor - Rick Jones - Captain America - Invasion - Hulk - Jack Kirby, Rob Liefeld

It took me awhile, but my theme for this year is comic books...specifically my collection.  Might not be terribly exciting, but hopefully some of it will be pretty to look at.

Growing up, The Avengers was MY title.  Loved it.  For the longest time, Avengers #5 (above) was the oldest book in my entire collection.  My Avengers run consisted of  #5, 12, and 17-378.  The first comic I ever bought was Avengers #228 and I stayed with them until I stopped collecting in 1994.  The title is, by far, the largest in my collection, with a total of 370 issues.

I am unbelievably psyched for the movie next month!

BONUS "A": If you are following folks in the A to Z Challenge, you may already be following him, but either way The Armchair Squid is a blogger extraordinaire.  I also enjoy the blog of Alex J. Cavanaugh....his "rules" for the challenge are helping me enjoy it even more!


  1. Mock, thanks for the mention!
    I still have some old comics from my youth. I was a DC fan, especially that of the JLA.
    Really stoked about the Avengers movie!
    Cool theme for the Challenge. This geek approves.

  2. see it at the drive-in perhaps? :)

  3. This will give me a whole new perspective...bring'em on!

  4. the Avengers - great choice! looking forward to the movie

    happy A to Z

  5. Awesome! I'm excited for further glimpses into your mania. Thanks for the plug, too.

  6. I do enjoy a lot the themes and the general stories in comic books, however I have a really hard time when actually reading one. I have a cousin, who is almost like a brother, who was into comics and he would tell me all the stories and developments and I enjoyed those conversations immensely. My favorite comic figures are The X-Men, Venom, and Spawn. Can't wait to learn more about this genre!

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress (#518)

  7. 17-378. Holy moly, there are some classic issues in that long, long run. I LOVE the iconic Vision cover where he's huge and the cover is blood red. Is that #80?

  8. Smacky....I think you are thinking of this one....


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