Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Month From Today...

October 2011

American League Division Series (both A and B)
Game 1: September 30
Game 2: October 1
Game 3: October 3
Game 4: October 4*
Game 5: October 6*

American League Championship Series
Game 1: October 8
Game 2: October 9
Game 3: October 11
Game 4: October 12
Game 5: October 13*
Game 6: October 15*
Game 7: October 16*

World Series
Game 1 at NL: October 19
Game 2 at NL: October 20
Game 3 at AL: October 22
Game 4 at AL: October 23
Game 5 at AL: October 24*
Game 6 at NL: October 26*
Game 7 at NL: October 27*

* - if necessary

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Festival of Sol

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What we are doing tonight....

Tonight there is a live simulcast of "Jack The Giant Killer" from Rifftrax (aka the guys who brought you MST3K).  We ordered our tickets a few weeks ago and are attending tonight's show!

Info HERE!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Image From The Next Batch of Sherlock Episodes

via Newsarama

Speaking at the “Empire Presents…Big Screen” event in the UK this weekend, Sherlock creator/writer Mark Gatkiss said shooting on season 2 was just over a week away. ”Season two is what we’re calling ‘The Woman, The Hound and The Fall’ trilogy,” he told the audience, “so there’ll be a version of ‘A Scandal In Bohemia’, a version of ‘The Hound Of The Baskervilles’ and a version of ‘The Final Problem.’”

“It’s a rare chance to do the early days of Holmes and Watson’s friendship, right from the beginning, so everything you know has not yet formed. Sherlock’s attitude to women and to crime is still forming, so it’s much more ‘plastic,’” said Gatiss. “The only heresy [about the show] is that it’s modern day, but after that it’s one of the most faithful versions there’s ever been, because Stephen [Moffat] and I just love it. Sherlock Holmes had become all about the hansom cabs and the fog, rather than about the friendship of this unlikely couple, but ours is very much inspired by the Basil Rathbone’s version.”

When asked the question of whether or not we’d be seeing Holmes’ nemesis Professor Moriarty in the new season, Gatiss wasn’t quite sure how to respond. “Wait and see!” he laughed. So is that a ‘yes’? “It’s a nnn-yes,” he said.

The Season 2 airdate of Sherlock is still under wraps.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MUTTS comic strip being adapted to film!

The story is at Newsarama

I am not sure how we discovered Mutts, but the strip holds a special place in our family's collective hearts.  Our two cats were featured on the official Mutts website as pets of the month when we shared our shelter story.  We have some figures, a print, and both kitties have their own "Little Pink Socks".

Monday, August 8, 2011

Space....the tiny frontier...

I found this to be rather cool...


This Friday, NASA will launch an Atlas V rocket that will be contain a very special payload. Not only will the rocket be carrying Juno, a space probe that is being sent to Jupiter to study the fifth planet from the Sun, but there will be a few unique stowaways. Thanks to a joint mission between NASA and Lego, there will be three very special Lego minifigs affixed to the spacecraft.
The figures, milled from aluminum, will accompany Juno on its five-year trip to Jupiter. When Juno arrives in 2016, the Lego likeness of the Roman god, Jupiter, his sister, Juno, and the Italian astronomer, Galileo, will be there to take in all the sights and bask in the immensity of the largest planet.
This (until now) secret installation was initiated by NASA scientists, who loveLego as much as anyone and wanted to do something memorable for this mission. They approached Lego and the company loved the idea. It saw the project as a way to promote children's education and STEM programs.
The brick company even underwrote the project, at a cost of $5,000 for each of the minifigs, which will soon become the farthest flying toys ever. The manufacture of the figures was a deliberate process to ensure the figures would not interfere with NASA's sensitive measurements.
Upon arrival in July 2016, the space probe will collect data on Jupiter, its moons and atmosphere. After orbiting the planet for a year (about 33 orbits) and relaying its data, Juno will purposefully de-orbit and crash into the planet's surface. You can track Juno's progress with the high-flying minifigsat LegoSpace.com.

(via Topless Robot)


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