Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time Bandits

Friday, January 30, 2009

Jonas Secrets

There is that website where people send in their postcards with their deepest darkest secrets. Apparently someone else thought it was time to have one devoted entirely to their Jonas Brothers themed secrets. Here are a few I liked.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poll: Obama Even More Awesome Than Originally Thought

Tops Leprechauns, Unicorns in New Poll

One week into his Presidency, Barack Obama gets high marks in a new poll, with a majority of Americans agreeing with the statement, "Barack Obama is even more awesome than I originally thought."

The percentage of voters who believe that Mr. Obama is awesome surged during his first week in office, with 82% thinking he is awesome now compared to 77% who deemed him awesome last week. And in the latest measure of his popularity, Mr. Obama receives higher approval ratings in the new poll than either leprechauns or unicorns, mythical beings that almost everyone agrees are totally awesome.

In a head-to-head contest, Mr. Obama beats leprechauns and unicorns combined, garnering 64% compared to 21% for leprechauns, 14% for unicorns, and 1% for Congressman Ron Paul.

--courtesy of The Borowitz Report

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Week's "Puzzler" from "Car Talk"

This weekend while travelling, Nan and I were listening to my Sirius Satellite Radio. We stumbled upon a broadcast of "Car Talk" on NPR.

We have been stymied by this week's "Puzzler", their weekly mind bender. I think the answer to this will be a "technicality" of some sort, based on the wording...

"A President Once Again!

Grover Cleveland was inaugurated as our 22nd and 24th president, succeeding Benjamin Harrison, who was our 23rd president. This allowed for Cleveland to succeed the man who succeeded him. Who was the other president who succeeded his successor? "

Any thoughts?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Red Sox lock up Youkilis with $40 million deal

Direct from

The Red Sox locked up another key piece on Thursday, as Kevin Youkilis agreed to a four-year, $40 million contract through 2012 with an option for 2013, has confirmed.

The 29-year-old infielder established himself as a top-tier run producer in 2008, batting .312 with 29 home runs and 115 RBIs and making his first All-Star team. Youkilis would have been eligible for arbitration.

The Youkilis deal, which was originally reported by, comes just six weeks after Boston signed 25-year-old second baseman Dustin Pedroia to a six-year contract worth $40.5 million. Pedroia and Youkilis finished first and third, respectively, in American League MVP voting last season.

The Red Sox are also attempting to sign electric closer Jonathan Papelbon to a long-term deal, but they haven't been able to reach an agreement thus far.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ricardo Montalban Is Dead at 88

Ricardo Montalban, a Mexican-born actor who starred in MGM films, and later in ABC's Fantasy Island, has died.

He was 88, and no cause of death was released, the Associated Press reports.

Of course, in addition to his "appearances" on "The Howard Stern Show", I will always remember him as Khan.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jim Rice selected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Power-hitting Red Sox outfielder Jim Rice, in his 15th and final time on the Baseball Writers' Association of America ballot, was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Monday.

He will be inducted into the Hall July 26 at the Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown, N.Y.
Rice spent his entire 16-year big league career with Boston. The 1978 American League Most Valuable Player finished in the top five of the AL MVP voting five other times. He led the American League in homers three times, hit .300-or-better seven times and was selected to eight All-Star Games. He is the only player in history to post three straight seasons of 35-plus home runs and 200-plus hits. He finished his career with a .298 batting average, 382 home runs and 1,451 RBIs.
Rice received seven votes more than the minimum needed for election.

He was the first ball player, along with Thurman Munson, that I really remember following and liking. This makes me happy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What I'm Reading....NOW!

I remember picking up the very first Alex Cross novel "Along Came A Spider" back when it was first published. I've always liked the books, quick reads, a little pretentious, but usually a good time.

Now, I usually don't say too much on this blog, but I kind of want to right here. I read for pleasure. I like to escape reality and throw myself into the "world" of the novel. I can suspend disbelief and will welcome the giant mutant alligators or Herculean efforts of a single man to save the world. I don't usually read "to learn" (with the exceptions of things like the weekly newsmagazine, entertainment stuff or when Marc suggests a book).

I am about 3/4ths of the way through this particular Cross novel and there is TOO much reality. It's obvious the author wants to make some sort of statement or stumbled across some article on the horrors of modern day Africa and wants to do something. If that is true, he should write a book about that.

I do not pick up an Alex Cross novel to learn about the refugee camps in Darfur or the horrors of genocides against people that "[t]he UN can't help. No one can."

I pick up an Alex Cross novel to read about a Washington DC homicide detective solve an impossible crime.

I want reality to leave me alone for a few hundred pages and several hours spread out over a few days.


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