Sunday, January 11, 2009

What I'm Reading....NOW!

I remember picking up the very first Alex Cross novel "Along Came A Spider" back when it was first published. I've always liked the books, quick reads, a little pretentious, but usually a good time.

Now, I usually don't say too much on this blog, but I kind of want to right here. I read for pleasure. I like to escape reality and throw myself into the "world" of the novel. I can suspend disbelief and will welcome the giant mutant alligators or Herculean efforts of a single man to save the world. I don't usually read "to learn" (with the exceptions of things like the weekly newsmagazine, entertainment stuff or when Marc suggests a book).

I am about 3/4ths of the way through this particular Cross novel and there is TOO much reality. It's obvious the author wants to make some sort of statement or stumbled across some article on the horrors of modern day Africa and wants to do something. If that is true, he should write a book about that.

I do not pick up an Alex Cross novel to learn about the refugee camps in Darfur or the horrors of genocides against people that "[t]he UN can't help. No one can."

I pick up an Alex Cross novel to read about a Washington DC homicide detective solve an impossible crime.

I want reality to leave me alone for a few hundred pages and several hours spread out over a few days.


  1. Yeeeeah Chris! Amen to that, RE reading. I read maybe 75-85% for pleasure, the rest for edutation. For instance, having finished Beevor's "Stalingrad" only taught me how ^%$^%#ing depressing and wasteful WW2 was. Gramps told us that years ago. Still interesting . . . but . . . last Lee Child novel ("Persuader"--he persuades you, get it? :)) was far more pleasant to read, even including the naistee bad-guy comeuppance at the end. Cuz it's not too realistic! Good one C!

  2. I don't read much for "pleasure" anymore. I don't feel like I can justify taking the time to read a book that doesn't somehow "inform" me.

    That being said, when I read I get pleasure. I like to read and wish I had more time to do it. Even if I'm reading a book about parenting, economics, politics, or some dead Russian guy.

    As for too much reality in a fiction novel...amen! Especially the kind that clearly indicates that you, too, should be passionate about this subject like I, the author, am. Phooey.



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