Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Week's "Puzzler" from "Car Talk"

This weekend while travelling, Nan and I were listening to my Sirius Satellite Radio. We stumbled upon a broadcast of "Car Talk" on NPR.

We have been stymied by this week's "Puzzler", their weekly mind bender. I think the answer to this will be a "technicality" of some sort, based on the wording...

"A President Once Again!

Grover Cleveland was inaugurated as our 22nd and 24th president, succeeding Benjamin Harrison, who was our 23rd president. This allowed for Cleveland to succeed the man who succeeded him. Who was the other president who succeeded his successor? "

Any thoughts?


  1. I believe the 25th Amendment was invoked during one of Regan's periods of under-the-gas n knife; So . . . Regan gave way to H.W. Bush twice, once during his run and then in 1988?

    How about this 44th President, eh? I came home for lunch and we all watched the swearing-in together. It rocked, even with Rocco's bumbled recitation. :D

  2. "There was another president who succeeded his successor. Who was it?"

    They didn't say it was another POTUS that succeeded his successor. I guess it will be the President of another country.


  3. I thought about Reagan invoking the 25th and about the wording of the problem to allow wiggle room.

    We were thinking it was probably along the lines of succeeding another as governor, senator or what not but got frustrated around the time we hit Tyler...

  4. Dudes, it's Nixon. He was V.P. for Eisenhower, and his V.P. position was succeeded by LBJ. LBJ became president when JFK was assassinated, and was president until '69. Nixon then succeeded LBJ, but as PotUS this time.

  5. swingsetpark said...
    Dudes, it's Nixon.

    I like this thought...


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