Monday, April 16, 2012

Blogging From A To Z: N is for


According to Wikipedia, "No-Prize is a faux award given out by Marvel Comics to readers. Originally for those who spotted continuity errors in the comics... As the No-Prize evolved, it was...only awarded when a reader successfully explained why the continuity error was not an error at all."

The above book, published in 1982, collected some of the best, straight-up errors from Marvel Comics up to that point...some are better than others....the book is "narrated" by Stan Lee....the little yellow boxzes highlight the errors...










  1. So I take it editing didn't used to be a big priority for Marvel Comics.

  2. Did that little hussy turn waitress after all???

    I like that one the best!

  3. DC had the Baldie for a while, in the Superman comics. I miss regular letters columns.


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