Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blogging From A To Z: J is for

Justice League of America

Justice League of America 217 - Superman - Wonderwoman - Aquaman - Green Archer - Hawkman - George Perez

The Justice League of America is, essentially,  DC Comics version of The Avengers.  I think the League is best when the "Big Three" of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are on the team, but some of the more off-beat lineups have their moments.

As Marvel has laid out a specific movie plan culminating next month (*squee*) with The Avengers movie, DC has never really seemed to get their act together (beyond the recent Batman's which are...okay).  However, their animated efforts (television shows, direct to DVD animated features) are usually phenomenal.


  1. Mock, you are awesome! This is my favorite comic book series. I would kill to see a JLA movie, but they damn sure better get it right.

  2. Hi, Mock! All my heroes from my childhood on! I first read comic books in the 1940's. They have come a long way. Great going!
    Best regards to you, Ruby

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  4. I would highly suggest JLA comics from Grant Morrison, Brad Meltzer, and Geoff Johns. Any or all of them.

  5. JLA is DC's Avengers. Hahaha! Sure it's not the other way around? JLA first appeared in 1960. Avengers were '63.

    Do you see what you have done to me???!!!

  6. I like that the JSA and JLA can interact in the same world now, but I also loved the yearly Earth 1 and Earth 2 meet-ups between the two teams. And how they had counterparts in the other universe (Flash with the metal helmet, older Robin, a dead Batman(!)).


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