Monday, April 9, 2012

Blogging From A To Z: H is for...



I'm of the age where the starvation and famine in Africa was a "new" issue.  I had seen the Sally Struthers commercials and the Sam Kinison "Move to where the food is..." routine, but being a teen, there wasn't much I felt I could do.

Then, a whole bunch of British performers got together and recorded "Do They Know It's Christmas?" as Band-Aid.  (I still own the deluxe EP!)  The following year, USA for Africa released "We Are The World."

Around the same time both of the above comics came out.  Marvel's came first and DC's about a year later.  Neither story is particularly memorable, but for the first time I actually felt like I MIGHT be helping a little bit.

The biggest names inside and outside of the industry got together and put together these "jam" comics.

You can read about DC's project HERE and Marvel's HERE.


  1. I've actually never read either of these before. Nerd fail. I need to rectify this immediately.

  2. Superman should FLY them to where there's food. Sam Kinison would agree!

  3. It looks like Luthor is mocking Superman's powerlessness, which makes him a bit of a dick.


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