Tuesday, December 28, 2010

30 Days Of Comics: Day 25: A Comic You'd Like To See Told In Another Medium


At one point in my past, a group of friends and I decided we wanted to create a television show.  This show would be set in a small town in Vermont.  The lead was a priest who had come to town after the previous priest was sent to the local insane asylum.  It was called "The Darkest Hour".

As the series progressed (we had mapped out the first season of 22 episodes and two 90-minute movies) we would have learned that an ancient evil was drawn to the town and was the source of a whole lot of trouble.  We would have also met the town's sheriff, his deputy and a few others who would become co-leads.

I am not as good a writer as the others, so I mostly adapted other works, including two or three unused scripts from "The Night Stalker", that would be used to flesh out some of the characters and the history of the town.

The character we created that fascinated me the most was Sheriff Alan Hanfield.  He had come to the small town of Addleton with a lot of baggage.  

After that chapter of my life ended, I came across this series.  I like a lot of Warren Ellis' work and this story was no exception.

After it had been completed, I adapted a screenplay that would let this story about the assassination of the President become Hanfield's back story.  I worked in opening and closing scenes that would allow Hanfield to become the lead.

I believe I have the screenplay sitting on the hard drive of the last computer I owned before our upgrade....actually, I think all of my "Darkest Hour" stuff is on there....

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