Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30 Days Of Comics: Day 14: A Comic You Own But Haven’t Read

Shadow #2

Again there are many comics that could fit in this category. I have a huge stack of recently purchased comics on my desk that I could explain why I bought them, but I expect them to be read in short order.

Also, my collection is littered with lots of freebies and giveaways from my days of ordering my monthlies on-line.

But the above comic has a little bit of a story and I don't think I will EVER read it.

Back around the time that Batman: The Dark Knight Returns came out, DC Comics announced Howard Chaykin was going to revamp The Shadow, moving him to contemporary times and making him "gritty". The series was going to only be available on the Direct Market and therefore, as I mentioned previously, it was only going to be available where my grandfather lived.

Once again David, Chris and I sent Gramps to Earth Prime Comics and he did his best, but we had missed issue #1. He got us each a copy of the only issue they had. It was a dark time for collector's in Vermont, as there were (and really still aren't) any competing stores. We had only a vague understanding of mail order options and obviously no internet so we all dropped the series.

But I kept this issue. I have gotten rid of other strays throughout the years and completed other series, but this one holds a special status and will always remain in my collection and remain an orphan.

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