Sunday, December 12, 2010

30 Days Of Comics: Day 18: A Comic You've Lost

Amazing Spider-Man #229

A long time ago, I nearly lost my entire collection.  There was a point in my life where walking away from EVERYTHING made more sense then staying in the situation I was in.  I walked and left my comics, toys, CDs, clothing, EVERYTHING behind in an attempt to make my life better.

When the ship got righted and the most glorious person I ever met convinced me it was time to be who I always wanted to be, I decided I wanted my comics back.

All my toys were gone, but I was told I could have my comics back....for a price.  Literally, for cash.

When I raised the money and got the books back, the only one I noticed missing was the above comic and the one after it.  I'm not sure why they were gone when so many more with "value" were left.  Perhaps I had recently purchased them and they were elsewhere and had been thrown away.  I'll never know.

I'm still unsure about re-buying them.  I know the story is well liked (and I do remember reading it) but for some reason they have never made it to any of my "Want Lists" when I go shopping.

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  1. I had to sell two different collections. The second one was far smaller. I'm still pretty upset about losing the first.


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