Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Days Of Comics: Day 9: A Comic You Could Give To Anyone

Runaways #1
"Anyone" is a relative term for me. I don't think there are comics that can change one of the "straights". If you don't like the medium, nothing will change your mind.

That being said, I picked this comic because I actually DID buy copies of the collected trade for Nancy and then Haley ended up reading it and BOTH of them liked it.

This is another comic that could fit in to several categories this month. I really like the writer's other work and when I heard about this book I knew I wanted it.


The premise is cool. Six kids get together every year when their parents gather for some sort of "charity" event. By the end of the first issue, they discover that their parents are actually a group of super-villains who "control" Los Angeles (a city with few-to-no superheroes in most comic book companies).

They flee their parents and the entire first series (18 issues) deals with the group on the run and finding out that one of the six is in contact with their parents and is a "traitor" to the rest.

Really a fun read....

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