Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Days Of Comics: Day 8: A Comic You Received As A Gift

Ms. Mystic #1

Growing up my parents were...tolerant...of my collecting. They never went out of their way to stop me and from time to time actually helped me out.

One Christmas, they purchased some sort of "collecting kit" from Sears (I think). It included a bunch of plastic bags (with a place to write details about the comic on) and a handful of comics, including this one.

It's kind of funny. I had a hard time with trying to remember a comic that someone gave me. I think I've been given more Gift Certificates than actual comics.

Nan and I are struggling to think of one she may have given me at some point in the last 14 years. I think she realizes that this "hobby" is very specific for me. She has given me comic related items (toys and such) but no specific comic!

Actually, I am now almost doubting I ever got this "comic collecting kit" I am referring to! I don't have any comics in the distinctive bag I think that I got that year! And nothing is showing up on Google!


  1. That kit DID exist, as I received it one Christmas too! It was like 20 comics (most complete crap!), a white cardboard box with b&w comic art on it (like Joe Kubert style), some plastic bags and square white stickers on which to write info about the comic. The cardboard box was cheap, and I still remember two comics I got in that set:

    Swamp Thing #7 with Batman!


    Journey into Mystery #82 (though I believe it had to be some sort of reprint. No way that kit came with a comic from 1952!)

  2. Thank you for helping me believe I might not be insane( this case at least!)

  3. That Ms. Mystic comic showed up in one of the collections my brother gave me (I wrote about them on my comics blog).

  4. Tony, do you have a specific link or should I just scroll through your blog?


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