Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days Of Comics: Day 1: Your First Comic

The folks over at Alternate Cover have published a list of categories to allow one to publish blog posts on 30 Days of Comics. I think I am going to take the challenge....

1. Avengers #228

I peg this as the first comic I bought. We were staying at my grandparent's house (where there were other comics lying around....never thought about it before, but I don't know where they had come from) and we walked down to Simmy's, which was a convenience store at the bottom of the hill. This comic was on the stands. I bought it and a life long obsession began.

I stopped collecting in the late 1990s for a variety of reasons. When I stopped, my Avengers issues were: 5, 12, 17-378 (Plus all the Annuals and Specials). The Avengers were MY group. I had other impressive runs, but this was my title.

When I started collecting again in 2004, I tried to get back in with the Avengers and was successful for a while, but Brian Michael Bendis and Secret Invasion was too much for me....


  1. I LOVE the idea. I also like the opportunity to learn the story of your obsession. Would you still consider The Avengers your favorite? As I've told you, I found it a little difficult to follow with so many characters involved but I would be very curious to follow the story from the beginning with character map/flow sheet in hand.

  2. Hey, I'm one of the writers for Alternate Cover. Looking forward to reading your take on the 30 days idea! I'll keep an eye out, but let us know if/when you get to the end and we'll link to your entries.


  3. @Armchair

    If I am sitting at my desk and am looking to read something "older" I will pull out some Avengers. I think it was easier to follow "back in the day" as the editor's kept track of continuity and appearances and the like.

    My "favorite" comic on the rack today...I'll save that for an upcoming post.


    I'll keep you in the loop!


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