Friday, November 26, 2010

30 Days of Comics: Day 5: A Comic That Reminds You Of A Person

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1

While I was growing up, Rutland, Vermont was the second largest city in the state. However, we did not have a comic book store. The largest city, Burlington, did and that was where my grandparents lived.

My friends, Dave and Chris, and I had heard that this comic was coming. However, it was going to be made available only to comic book stores. I do not exactly remember how it all came about, but we arranged to have my grandfather pick up three copies of this issue (plus the following ones).

Burlington's store, Earth Prime Comics, was interesting back in the day. Not really the "stereotypical" shop, but slightly off the beaten path and filled with comic books and toys. The owners and employees were so very nice but still, it was not the place one would expect to find a 63 year old former Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force.

To this day, the image of my grandfather getting in his green Volkswagen Rabbit and driving down to the store's old location, going in and buying this issue makes me smile.


  1. Ah, how well I remember when there were only a few things that you couldn't find on a newsstand or at 7 Eleven. I do miss those times a bit, those were big, changing times for us comic fans.

  2. To have the original issues, too...I once had a priest buy me Superman #75 and Batman #500.


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