Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 Days Of Comics: Day 7: A Comic You Gave As A Gift

Fables: Volume 1: Legends in Exile

I have been swapping comics with Lee for a while now and have started giving some to The Armchair Squid to try and hook him, but this is the first comic collection I ever gave as a gift.

A few years ago, Lee left a job that made him unhappy but paid him well. It was not his choice, but as a result of some layoffs the company made in an effort to appear more profitable to possible investors.

I wanted to buy him something to read and cheer him up so I grabbed this collection. I absolutely LOVE this series and since Lee is the most well-read, literate individual I know AND he likes comics, I thought he might get a kick out of its premise.....the "fairy tales" of old were based on "real" individuals who were alive and well living in New York City today.

Well, it turned out I was wrong, as he is more of a "capes and tights" fan and he told me he didn't even really try to read this.

C'est la vie! Either way, it fits today's category none-the-less!

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