Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smuggler's Notch

We started our morning with a ride down the Alpine Slide in Stowe. We arrived wicked early so we found a table in the shade and played some UNO.

After about an hour,  I went in to buy the tickets and found the line.  I was promptly cut by a family just not paying attention.  At this point, I had been up for 5 hours and just let it go.

However, I was then cut again.  So I moved a little more to make sure it was obvious that I was in line.

Then, two punks blatantly tried to cut me.  I sort of raised my hands in an incredulous "What's up" manner and was about to ask the boys if I could help them.  At this point, their mother raised her voice to me and bellowed "They're with me. Don't get so angry!"  I responded, that I was not angry, I was just trying to figure out what was going on.  The woman then shrieked... literally shrieked, "Well our friends were... NEVER MIND we'll just go wait outside."

Most folks in the place sort of stared at her with their mouths open.  There wasn't a huge line.  It was a BEAUTIFUL summer day.  The ride hadn't even OPENED yet.

When I went out, Nan confirmed that the lady was ranting and raving outside.  It bugged me, but we let it go.

Nan and I went down the slide first and waited at the bottom for the kids....and waited...and waited...and waited.

Eventually, they came down with a kid RIGHT behind each of them....looking ANGRY.  Nan pointed out they were the punks that had tried to cut me earlier!  KARMA!

We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon exploring the notch and climbing the rocks.

The pink dot is Haley!!  We had gotten separated so I went down and she went up until we could see each other!

The view out over the valley...

This was the highest point we reached.  Not the best picture but that is ABOUT a 50 foot drop!

So close to the top....

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  1. It appears to me that this web site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the exact same issue? I enjoy this blog and dont want to have to skip it whenever Im away from my computer.


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