Friday, July 13, 2012

Film Festival Friday: July 13, 2012

Back to a movie heavy week!   And a la my Goodreads question last weekend, are we connected on flickchart?

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This is the ONLY Star Trek film that I have not seen on the big screen and the ONLY movie I have ever watched through...questionable means before purchasing!  

I kicked off the chores needed to get the house ready for tomorrow's big summer birthday bash by putting this on in the background on Monday.  I have just finished reading through John "Buck" Field's "Star Trek by the Minute" posts and it made me want to watch this again.  

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At some point last week, I apparently told my children I would take them to the drive-in to see this.  I don't recall when or why but my daughter remembered.  So I scrambled to load the mini-van before kickball on Monday night.  The game ended with BARELY enough time for us to hit the mini-mart, drive home, switch vehicles and get to the drive-in.  As it was, we were about 8 minutes late.  The kids laid down in the back of the van on an air mattress while Nan and I were going to sit outside.  However, the mosquitoes were CRAZY bad.

By the time we FINALLY got settled, we might have missed about 15 minutes.  That being said, I still enjoyed the movie.  My expectations were VERY low.  While Spider-Man 2 is high on my overall list, I HATED Tobey Maguire.   And I had read enough about this one to be prepared to be disappointed.  I could've waited for DVD but it was a fun night mostly because...

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"The Amazing Spider-Man" was paired up with MIB3...which I have NO desire to see.  However, "Brave" was playing on screen 3...and "The Avengers" was the second feature!!!

This was my FIFTH time seeing the movie.  The third time at the drive-in.  The other four times seeing this were within the first 10 days of its release.  And I know I am biased, but the movie STILL holds up for me.

I see no plot holes that I can't explain in-movie.  I have nothing negative to say about this movie.  I am SERIOUSLY thinking of renaming this blog based on a line from this movie.

I'm giddy about the success of this movie.  My daughter and the principal at my school both asked..."Why?".  I told them, simply put, imagine something you enjoy in a niche-y sort of way....suddenly, after 30 years of liking it, EVERYONE likes it.  I know it is not the best analogy, but, then again, I teach math.

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On Tuesday, Logan and I watched "Wrath of the Titans".  I grew up on the original "Clash of the Titans" and found the re-make "okay", though a bit much for me to watch with the boy.  Since then, he has devoured the "Percy Jackson" books and movie so I thought we could give it a go...

I'm not sure if I was still tired from the late night at teh drive in, but this one couldn't hold me.  I think I nodded off during the build up.  I brewed some coffee and soldiered on for the final hour or so but...meh.

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  1. I guess I finally accepted your flickchart friend request. As I said on my blog, I've been avoiding flickchart like a time-warping plague, so this is the first time I've visited it since the end of June.


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