Friday, July 27, 2012

Film Festival Friday: July 27, 2012

Since I have  been mentioning flickchart for a couple of Fridays now, and since some folks (*cough* Kate *cough*) might not venture over to see my current top 20, I thought I'd update them now.

Here are my top 20 movies....some I have seen a bunch of times....some only once or twice but they made an impact on me....

20.  A Fish Called Wanda

19. The Terminator

18.  It's A Wonderful Life

17.  Air Force One

16.  Henry V

15.  Raiders of the Lost Ark

14.  Time Bandits

13.  About A Boy

12.  Star Wars

11.  Saving Private Ryan

10.  Ghostbusters

9.  The Hunt For Red October
The Hunt for Red October (Special Collector's Edition) Movie Poster

8.  12 Monkeys

7.  True Lies

6.  Fight Club

5.  The Fugitive

4.  X-Men 2: X-Men United

3. The Avengers

2.  Black Hawk Down

1. Die Hard


  1. Clearly you're an action lover. But you also love Terry Gilliam. Something tells me you would have loved his Don Quixote.

  2. Haha I've heard of Monkeys! Will have to see it. I too love Fight Club.

  3. Some good selections! A Fish Called Wanda is hilarious. Nice to see True Lies listed.


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