Friday, July 6, 2012

Film Festival Friday: July 6, 2012

It was a weak movie week for me.  The only thing I watched was LAST Friday after I posted. And sitting and watching "Deep Impact" reminded me of why I am usually doing something else while it is playing.  It actually fell from #115 to #708 when I re-ranked it on flickchart.

So this week's film themed post brings you the "Jack Reacher" trailer.  I first saw it on Tuesday and waited until today to post it (Here, at least....I was all over it on The Facebook instantly!).  Cruise's inability to change his vocalization hurts him, but he nails enough Reacherisms to make me happy here.

BONUS:  A friend sent me these two pics he snapped last summer during filming.  The director's chair was taken through a window on the set.  The other, he says he got because "[t]hey just left the cars parked on a city street during the day, not very subtle, two hotrods next to 10 fake cop cars."

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  1. Hey I'm impressed. Jack Reacher got some nifty moves hasn't he?


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