Sunday, June 3, 2012

What To Do Next Weekend....

The school year is rapidly approaching its (welcome) end.  More so than any other year I have taught, I am absolutely ready for summer to begin.

In an effort to kick-start things, I was mulling over trying to figure out something to do next Saturday and/or Sunday.  Friday night is already claimed for Underclassmen Award Night at my daughter's high school....where she is up for an award or two.

My son received his placement for next year and is not in the same class as his best friend.  Her mother is worried about the kids drifting apart, so I proposed to Nan we do a day trip across the lake to Target on Saturday...ride the ferry, get lunch and so on, and invite the girl.

However.....I start to feel selfish.  I was thinking of calling my brother and asking him to meet me somewhere in New Hampshire to play golf on Saturday.  His birthday is fast approaching and I thought it would be a nice birthday gift.

Things get a little crazy from there....I find out that this Sunday is the Granite State Comicon.  I start planning things out.  Maybe meet my brother and then I could go camping and go to the con on Sunday.  While I am not really looking for anything, it has been SO long since I attended a show.  I could do a day trip on Sunday? Maybe Logan and I could go....I start working out all the permutations.

When I think I have FINALLY landed on what I want to do, I get an e-mail announcing that this Sunday is also the Montreal ToyCon.  I decide to click the link and check it out....and I see this banner...

Montreal ToyCon 2012 Convention, Toys, Sci-Fi, Anime and Comic Book Show

I'm not terribly tempted but....wait a second....what's that!?!?  

What's the big deal, you may ask...(especially if we have never met in person nor are friends on Facebook)...

Well, the three people at the head of the is me, my wife and my son!!!  We attended one of the first Montreal ToyCons 5 or 6 years ago!!!!   We rented a hotel near by with an indoor pool....had our first trip to La Cage Aux Sports.  It was such fun but I never checked back in, as subsequent events were held on weekends we could not attend.  I wonder if we have been the banner for all these years?!?!

So, to make a long story short ("Too late!"), I have NO idea what I am doing next weekend.....


  1. Ha! That is too funny! At least you were really there once and they didn't grab a random photo of you off the web for it.

  2. That's really funny! I *thought* Logan looked young!

  3. He does look really tiny. Obviously, you'll be pondering kickball strategies all weekend.


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