Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday: 6/18/12

Yesterday, my daughter and I were talking about blogs and wondering if either of us could blog with any regularity over the summer.  The added wrinkle would be to have "theme" days.

Today will be the first Music Monday.  Nothing major, just happy birthday to Paul McCartney!  Without a doubt, McCartney has produced more music that has brought me more pleasure than anyone else.  While I sort of miss the days where I had to hunt down bootlegs to find "new" nuggets, I really enjoy having all of his stuff at my fingertips!

Since quite a few blogs I follow either have theme days, theme posts or are just neat glimpses into their lives...I thought I would spotlight them here as my inspiration! Click their banners to visit!

Kate's Ink: Dust and Probability

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