Friday, June 22, 2012

Film Festival Friday: 6/22/12

Depending on the week, I will either post about the movies we watch during the week OR write about a favorite movie from the past.

I have stated before "my" movies tend to be action or sci-fi and usually get rated around a 6 or 7 on a 10 point scale.  My flickchart list can be found HERE....come be my friend there!

Here is a run down of the movies we watched this past week...hover over each poster for more info!

Currently #90 on my flickchart list

We started with "I Am Legend" with Will Smith.  I had read the book before seeing this in the theaters and remembering liking the movie.  I bought it on Fathers Day for $2.00 and Haley was intrigued.  She asked me on Monday morning if we could watch it.  This movie contains one of the most unsettling images from any movie I have ever seen...

Currently #243 on my flickchart list

Later that day, Logan and I watched "Meet Dave" with Eddie Murphy.  Written by MST3K's Bill Corbett, this movie is actually fun and a family favorite.  

Currently #98 on my flickchart list
On Tuesday, Haley and I continued our post-apocalyptic theme with "Reign of Fire" with Christian Bale.  I picked this up at Blockbuster a few years back without ever having seen it.  It just seemed like it would be for me.  

Currently #194 on my flickchart list.

Wednesday night, Logan and I watched "Real Steel" with Hugh Jackman.  (Haley claims she was watching too but was REALLY deep into her iPod and couldn't recall anything about the movie.)  Like "I Am Legend", this movie is based on the writings of Richard Matheson.  This was surprisingly good.  Logan ate it up!  It also gave us a chance to talk about "arcs" in movies and the "three-act structure" of films.  He picked up on the use of the structure in the original "Star Wars" films and to Anakin Skywalker's "journey" through all 6 movies.

Currently #186 on my flickchart list.
Haley and I watched "The Sum of All Fears" with Ben Affleck on Thursday.  This was the first movie we watched this week with a real "plot" that she needed to follow.  I remember watching this in the theaters the summer after the September 11th attacks.  It was a bit intense at the time.  I like the Jack Ryan movies.  I would have been okay with Affleck taking another shot at the role.

Currently #197 on my flickchart list

The last movie of the week, for Logan and I, was "John Carter" with Taylor Kitsch.  This, too, was more fun than I had expected.  The story was strong and the visuals impressive.  I liked some of the "true facts" that were weaved into the narrative.  I think we will be buying this one at some point.

I found all the connections between the movies on my own except for ONE where I had to consult "The Oracle of Bacon."  I have seen all the connecting movies at some point, too!  And there were many more much so I debated making a chart to show them, but....

Have a great weekend!


  1. I thought John Carter was awesome!
    I liked Real Steel more than I thought I would as well. And Reign of Fire is really good.

  2. ...then my job is done! flickchart is an awesome way to kill some time and track movies I've seen (ala GoodReads for books!)

  3. I Am Legend was kinda freaky wasn't it?

  4. The scene in "I Am Legend" where Will Smith follows the dog into the abandoned building and they come across the creatures standing in the corner....FREAKS ME OUT!


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