Monday, June 11, 2012

"It's Time I Had Some Time Alone..."

Last week I was bemoaning my lot in life....not really.  I was just trying to figure out how to "fix" the funk I was in.  

Some of the plans I initially considered got thrown by the wayside rather quickly.  My brother was unavailable to golf.  Logan's friend (and several students from my school) was doing the 5 K run to wrap up Girls on The Run and we decided to go and cheer them on!

After the run, I headed out to Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire.  I decided to camp by myself and head to the Granite State Comicon on Sunday.  In between, I would hit some Targets and try to find some items on Nan's list.

All in all, it was a great trip.  I feel recharged for the up coming week. I'm ready to pack the classroom up for my move, organize report cards and student work, and to say goodbye to the class by which I will judge all other classes.

Here are the babble-y  highlights from my trip!

A very isolated camping site!  As I unloaded the Jeep, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to grab the current insurance card!  I also noticed the tags had expired!  Luckily, Nan was able to renew online.  I also try to obey the speed limit, so I wasn't really worried.

The Con was a blast.  So many people dressed up.  There were established groups of Pirates (The New England Brethren of Pirates), Ghostbusters ( and Stormtroopers (501st New England Garrison ) present.

He was walking the line as I entered.  He was complaining to the guy in front of me about teenagers who were are a recent event with him.  "So many store bought costumes" was his biggest complaint.

This young lady was in line in front of me.  I asked her to pose with the plants in the lobby.  She had her eyelashes done, too!

My last pic.  Morpheus was reluctant to join.  With the number of men who backed out when I asked for pictures, I am betting that mostly the females get photographed.

The Iron Man had glowing parts to his armor.  The Scarlet Witch was EASILY 6' 6"....if not taller!

I thought the Flash was being interviewed, as there was a lot of press at the show, but when I walked away, I noticed her name badge indicated that she was the character's wife!  Very clever!

She was rather intimidating in person!

A second Poison Ivy.  It was kind of neat how some people took a moment to pose in character when you asked for a picture.

Blurry Doom is blurry!

I was wary of taking photos with other people's kids in the shot, so I hurried this one up.  The Red Hood and Cobra Commander were very cool.

R2-D2 was being discreetly remote controlled by someone standing nearby.  All the kids were impressed.

There were many Harley Quinns.  I was getting ready to ask the Comedian and Silk Spectre for a picture when Harley started talking to me.  I felt obligated to snap a photo.

 I went to the show with $50 in my pocket.  I left with 25 comics for Logan and I (only one was actually on my list!), 4 Heroclix for Logan, and I left with $35 remaining.  Not bad considering I had to pay to get in!

Before the show I went to Target.  There were four things on my list (pool timer, new right hand golf glove, solar lanterns, and a part for my electric razor) and these were the only item I found.  Not the exact ones Nan wanted, but they are summer-y and should work just fine.

Lastly, I tried to eat all my meals local.  I had a delicious sub for dinner in Concord at a place called "Yellow Submarine" and lunch on Sunday before leaving town at "Brookside Pizza".  

Just an interesting note, both places cut their bread as shown above,  as opposed to the sideways cut of Subway and local shops here at home, and all the veggies (except the tomatoes and banana peppers) were diced!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend to me. See you soon.

  2. I need to get me to a comicon. Still have never done that. Sounds cheap and awesome.

  3. Tony wrote: "Sounds cheap and awesome."

    Like me!

  4. WHA?!?! You 'felt obligated' to take a pic of Harley??!!??!!




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