Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Day In History Thursday: 6/21/12

Napoleon Dynamite voice> "Daily blogging is hard....gah!" </Napoleon Dynamite voice>

I guess I landed on this theme for Thursdays....and since my son and I are WAY into Presidential Trivia this week, I will let you know that....

On this day, two future Presidents married their future First Ladies!

In 1810, Zachary Taylor married Margaret Smith.  They had six children, including a daughter who married future Confederate President Jefferson Davis (though she died three months after their marriage, nearly 30 years before the Civil War)!

In 1940, Richard Nixon married Patricia Ryan.  Nixon is one of only two men to appear on a major party's presidential ticket five times....though not consecutively.

Both marriages, by most accounts, were strong and happy.  In each marriage, the spouses died within two years of each other.  

So, there you go.  I am actually looking forward to tomorrow's post.  And Saturday's theme.  I will be taking Sunday off!

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