Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Bunch of Different Clips I Have Found

Since I am taking Sundays off from the 30 Day Challenge and I have a different theme going that will take up my 4th of July slot, I thought I would post all the videos I have kept in my Google Reader queue to share at some random point...

In reverse chronologically found order, via Bleeding Cool: "This video makes it clear. Michael Bay appears to have used scenes from Warner Bros/Dreamworks’ The Island in Paramount’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Here are some screencaps to make it clear…"

Next via Joy of Sox:

"The video features Kevin Youkilis, Terry Francona, and Jason Varitek.

The Red Sox are the third major league team to produce an "It Gets Better" video. Earlier this year, the San Francisco Giants became the first professional sports team to join the It Gets Better campaign. The Chicago Cubs have also made a video."

via The Armchair Squid

via Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!

via The Onion (and FINALLY letting me know how he pronounces his name!) NSFW F-bomb at the end:

and from Bleeding Cool again: "The Best Green Lantern Themed TV Commercial Of All...and it’s not even an official Green Lantern partner. Brilliant, pure dead brilliant. Dodgy politics obviously, but hey. This is advertising."

I had a few others, but some have been yanked from YouTube (Greenpeace's anti-Volkswagen campaign the most notable one) and others just didn't stand up to a second viewing...

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