Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Darrelle Revis: Some Questions On The Holdout

I will start this post by stating flat out that I am NOT a football fan. My mother and stepfather are HUGE Jets fans. My brother roots for the Patriots. A group of friends are die hard Giants fans. If a game is on, I will watch and enjoy it, but I do not seek out games to watch, I do not have a favorite team and I do not understand the nuances of the game.

I also don't understand the variety of positions or their roles. I know that there is a salary cap, like in basketball and hockey, but I do not really understand how any of them work.

All that being said, I am barely following the story of Jets corner back Darrelle Revis. I suppose I could pay closer attention to the story when it comes up on ESPN or read one of the articles that popped up when I searched for the picture that goes with this post.

What I THINK I know is that Mr. Revis is under contract (a contract he signed of his own free will) for this upcoming year and the next two years. He also believes he is underpaid and is refusing to honor his contract.

I also know that he is considered the best at his position and that not only does his contract get better over the next two years, the Jets have tried to renegotiate the current contract.

What I don't get is how he can NOT honor the contract, despite how unhappy he is. I know he is being fined but it seems that he might not play this season and most people are treating it as an "Oh, well" sort of situation.

What am I missing? Am I wrong in my thinking that Revis is somehow inherently wrong in his behavior? That you should honor the contract you sign?

I know we are an entertainment/sports obsessed society but something seems wrong here....

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