Monday, August 30, 2010

But...but I like comics?!?!?

This is a mailer from a woman named Nancy King who is a Democrat running for State Senator in Maryland. It has been popping up all over the place this week.

As a teacher who actually HAS comic books in my classroom (and thousands at home) this is kind of discouraging on so many levels.

An artist named Dean Trippe has written a response to Ms. King, but no one is holding their breath that it will help her change her (narrow) mind.

I wonder if the Canadian Council of Learning could help her. They recently said access to comic books in the classroom can help bridge the literacy gap that exists between boys and girls! Bleeding Cool writes "According to the Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation comic books are the second most popular reading choice for boys (after newspapers and magazines). During the elementary school years the proportion of boys who report reading comics rises from 69% to 75%, while the proportion among girls falls from 60% to 50%."

**I'm not quite sure why that one girl is just reading "Previews"....perhaps she is looking to further her "bad habit"....


  1. Yeah, they should at least be playing a video game or something. They'd willingly read? Kid that age can afford to buy new comics?!? Comics are SO expensive now ($4 each or something?).

  2. The video game comment is especially humorous to me, as we learned today that our school now has 6 Wiis!! So we are doubly EVIL!!


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