Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Columbine: Book Trailer

Dave Cullen: Conclusive Evidence of My Existence: Why the Columbine massacre? Book trailer outlines killers' motives

I have never seen a trailer for a book before. As Mr. Cullen writes on his own blog, this trailer gives you a "concise summary of the book and also of the killers."

I feel somewhat compelled to post this....as a teacher, as a parent, as a member of this human race.

This book was phenomenal. I know I have written about it before, but it is one of the greatest works of non-fiction I have ever read. It does a great job of dispelling so many myths and making the tragedy more real and, hopefully, somewhat unrepeatable.

Read the book. Follow Mr. Cullen's Blog and on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook. He seems like a great guy. I eagerly await his next book.

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  1. Thanks, so much for that, Mock.

    Teachers and parents are two of my favorite groups (along with students and librarians), so this was especially nice.

    There is much more info at my Columbine site, and special resources for teacher here:


    We created an Instructor Guide for various curricula, and I'm touring colleges and high schools, and skyping into classes.

    Thanks again.


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