Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Unstoppable

Unstoppable is currently # 29 on my flickchart list.

Lots of action (though less than the poster above would have you believe) and character development (more than you would expect from a runaway train movie).  

Inspired by real events, this movie quickly became a family favorite.  My kids already knew Chris Pine as "their" version of Captain Kirk and the movie is a great way to prep my son for a future full of Denzel Washington movies.


I am using my flickchart list and blogging about the highest ranked movie for each letter of the alphabet.  

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  1. I was surprised how tense the movie was - liked it more than expected.

  2. Right!?!? I wanna watch it again just thinking about it....

  3. I enjoyed this movie, as much for Washington and Pine as Rosario Dawson and Kevin Corrigan.


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