Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro is currently #29 on my flickchart list.

Two animated features in a row!!

I'm not sure how we discovered My Neighbor Totoro.  However, once we did, it became a staple of our viewing habits.  My daughter, my wife and I loved it.

I even brought it into my classroom.  When I taught 4th grade at my previous school, we had a culture unit.  My teaching partner had chosen Japan and Mexico as the two cultures we rotated through every other year.  To end the Japan unit, we would watch this film.  It presents such a wonderful overall view of what life was like for Miyazaki growing up.  I had so much trivia on the movie that I would share with the kids as we watched it.  They loved it.

Sometimes, I still use Totoro images for my laptop wallpaper.  These will get projected up on the SMARTBoard while I am teaching.  This is the first year that NOT ONE student knew what the images really bummed me out.  I think I will have to rectify the situation.

For more Miyazaki goodness, please to check out my pal The Armchair Squid via this LINK and scroll around.

And the art you can find online is awesome!!!


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  1. That's one of the classic animes that I haven't watched yet.

    1. Have you seen much Miyazaki? The link in the post would give you some good insight!

  2. You know I have to do it...
    "It was a dream!!"
    "It wasn't a dream!!"

    We must watch this again soon!


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