Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for The Hunt For Red October

The Hunt For Red October is currently #9 on my flickchart list.

Andrew Leon commented on Saturday's post about Harrison Ford taking over the Jack Ryan role.  I had heard that Ford was offered the role as early as this film but found the part of the Russian captain that Sean Connery got to be far more interesting.

This is another movie that rides high on nostalgia for me.  It is one of only two movies I ever saw in the theater with just my grandfather.  He took my brother and our cousins to lots of movies growing up.  But by the time this came out, I had moved in with my grandparents to save some money in college.  Nana hosted bridge games once a month and Gramps and I had to make ourselves scarce.  One time he asked me to go see this.

The other movie we went to was Back to the Future III.  It ranks #146 on my flickchart list.


I am using my flickchart list and blogging about the highest ranked movie for each letter of the alphabet.  

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  1. Having read a few of the books, Alec Baldwin is a much better Jack Ryan than Ford ever was. I've been thinking about showing this to S b/c at some point she'll need to be introduced to submarine films as well as spaghetti westerns.

    1. I think Baldwin was perfect in this movie...

  2. I have never seen it, I just not a big fan of submarine movies, I feel all claustrophobic even thinking about it....

    1. I'm not sure if that ever occurred to me! I wonder if that's a reason I AM a fan!

  3. I've never seen it. But I'm always meaning to.

    1. Worth it just for Baldwin's quick Connery impression!!


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