Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark is currently # 8 on my flickchart list.

I remember being at "Lums" in Rutland with my brother, Justin, and probably my dad having lunch with Nana and Grandpa in 1981 after "Raiders of The Lost Ark" (the correct, true title) had come out.
Gramps had recently seen this with my cousins Marc and Lars. I clearly remember him telling us about the Swordsman scene, reenacting it and laughing, deeply and honestly, at the scene and his own retelling.

To this day, I try to buy all the toys based on the scene...

And, Dean at Springfield Punx made both of these. He had the Indy done and I asked if he would ever consider creating the Cairo Swordsman...and he did!  I need to ask Lee sometime if Gramps had any real "Simpsons" knowledge.

And the fan made posters....


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  1. i really like that movie, i only saw it recently tho, still have to catch up on the whole indiana jones history.

  2. they had a poster without his hat?

  3. I guess because I was introduced to Last Crusade first, it's always been the definitive Indy for me.

    1. I think Last Crusade is probably the most fun!

  4. Despite loving sword work, I still love that scene. It's hilarious, and works well in that movie.

  5. I love the poster with Indy's fedora.

    I saw RotLA at the cinema too -- as a very young child. My Uncle Mike took a bunch of us kids and bought us popcorn and soft drinks and candy. That may have been the first time I sprinkled Junior Mints on popcorn (recommended for sweet and savory types.)

    That film left an *enormous* impression on my psyche. Been thinking about '80s movies lately and I think it's time to watch this classic again. Maybe introduce my daughter to it who is now older than I was when I first viewed it.

    Perfect, perfect choice for R.

  6. Hey, I just noticed your tagline! That sounds familiar. :)

    1. Yeah...I heard it somewhere recently and it resonated with me! ;)


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