Sunday, February 15, 2009

What I'm Reading....Now.

I have been working my way through this year's DCF Nominated books. Last year, my class was not as interested, nor was Haley, so I only read the winner.

I have read 15 all together and abandoned one (sorry Natalie Babbitt!) but this one is currently vying to be my favorite.

Like lots of these books, the characters are a little too perfect, even in their imperfections. The kids are always a little too self-aware and make the courageous choices you hope your child will make. The adults a little too understanding or the coincidences in their lives are a little too far fetched.

That being said, and even with its heavy New York Yankee undercurrent (it's the late 60's so it's a Yankee team steeped in history and universally loved), this one is pretty good.

"The Seems: A Glitch In Sleep" was really good, but in a different sort of way. And it has spawned a sequel that was just as enjoyable. But right now, Wednesday Wars has my vote.

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