Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Right now we are obsessed with "The Price Is Right." Family friendly, so we get a couple built up in the DVR and we just want to vegetate some night or if it is pizza night, we have something to watch.

Valentine's Day is special for Nancy and me for many reasons and money is tight right now....but I just had to get her this....

And a BIG thank you to Haley for getting home quick on Friday to snag it off of the porch and hiding it for me!

PS Clicking on the title of this post takes you to a Burlington Free Press Valentine's Day article that quotes Lee!


  1. My guess: $24.99 with shipping and handling!

    Kate says "One dollar! One dollar!"

  2. Oooh, and just when you think the $1 bid is bad...the next contestant bids: $2!!!
    What an awesome Valentine's Day present! What an awesome Christian! I would like our next big project as a family to be the construction a TPIR Big Wheel for our house! Complete with the bleepy sounds. :)

  3. ...or the giant "PLINKO" board. Would that be as much fun as the bouncy castle at the boy's birthday party??


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