Thursday, April 7, 2011

What a day....

This might get lost amidst the A to Z challenge and might come across as just some whining, but this day....Oy.

It started at 4:30 with the toilet starting to run mysteriously.  Annoying.  Woke me up from a very deep sleep.  I get up and turn off the water, figuring I would deal with it later.

I try to fall back asleep but get out of bed at 5:00 thinking I could catch Sports Center and find out how my beloved Red Sox did....missed the top of the hour recap but eventually find out along the scroll that they lost....again.

Getting ready for school and my wife tells me that my ex-wife has pulled a pretty cruddy move and put our daughter in the middle.  Something Nan and I have tried to avoid forever.

My first meeting at school left a bad taste in my mouth but everything starts to change during Morning Announcements, when The Armchair Squid gets one of the principals to "inadvertently" read the lyrics to "Here, There, and Everywhere" over the intercom!  Absolutely brilliant!

The day itself was slightly above average as a whole, but shaky at times.  It ends with an impromptu visit by a School Board member that seems, in retrospect, to have been positive.

On the ride home from school, I see someone lying on the ground, not moving, on the median between two fairly busy roads.  No one is stopping so I pull over.  As I get out of my car and run over to the man, someone else gets out of their car.  As I call 9-1-1, it becomes apparent that the man has passed out and is intoxicated.  We are just over the town line, so the dispatcher I am put in touch with is actually the one in my hometown.  The police arrive and take over the situation.

One of the parent's of one of my students calls as I am walking through the door, but Nan has already told him I am not home yet so I put off calling him back.

After dinner, I decide to balance our bank account quickly before calling back the parent.  When I call up our account, I discover that somehow our accounts have been compromised.  Our money is gone.

Somehow, our debit cards are being used in Minnesota at some mini-marts despite the fact both of our cards are in the house!!

Our bank is a tiny local credit union with no after hours help.  So I call the police and when I give my name, the dispatcher actually comments that she remembers my name because I called earlier in the day!

Long story short, I have to go to our bank tomorrow to sort this out which means a half day of school (at the very least).  I had pleasant phone conversations with my principal (not the lyric reader), my teaching partner (and his girlfriend), my mother and my brother, as well as the parent of the student.

I think I might try to graph the ups and downs of this day, just to kind of sort it all out in my head....


  1. Umm...sorry? Congratulations? That stinks? Cool?

    Not sure what to say. I hope the bad things work out and the good things keep rolling in.

  2. Hope the bank thing is sorted out quickly. How annoying!

  3. Wow - crazy day. Some days are like that though. I like to call them, well, days.

    Here's hoping for a better one today!

    PS - Word Verification: 'Smelli'

  4. At least it's the weekend. I hope things improve soon.

    And really, I couldn't possibly have planned the whole HT&E thing. If I had, it wouldn't have turned out so beautifully.

    To lead a better life...


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