Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Last Wishes of Mark Gruenwald

Bleeding Cool is reporting that on Wednesday at 9pm, Investigation Discovery's The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes will have a segment on the last wishes of Mark Gruenwald.  Gruenwald was an editor at Marvel Comics from 1978 until his death in 1996, at age 43. His will dictated that his ashes would be mixed in with a print run of the Squadron Supreme trade paperback. Even though I had bought the series when it first came out, that trade paperback was the first collection I ever bought!  It is on my bookshelf upstairs!

His Wikipedia entry reveals quite a few things that I did not know:

The Amalgam Comics book The Exciting X-Patrol #1 is dedicated to his memory. In the DC Universe, a building in Gotham City was named the Von Gruenwald Tower.   In the novel Captain America: Liberty's Torch (written by Tony Isabella and Bob Ingersoll), the lawyer kidnapped to defend the similarly kidnapped Captain in a mock trial before a militia is named Mark Gruenwald, and is described with the same general physical attributes and personality as the real Gruenwald. The lawyer acts heroically throughout the story.
In the pages of Fantastic Four, writer/artist Walt Simonson created the Time Variance Authority, a cosmic bureaucracy that regulates the Marvel Multiverse. Simonson paid homage to Gruenwald by having the TVA's staff all be clones of Gruenwald; no one could keep track of everything but him.
In volume four of Nova from Marvel Comics, the new director of Project Pegasus is named Dr. Gruenwald.
In 2006, Gruenwald was officially named the "Patron Saint of Marveldom" in the new "Bullpen Bulletins" pages.

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