Friday, November 15, 2013

No Broomball ::sad trombone::

I'm sitting at my school working in a class towards my Masters Degree and decided to take a break.

When I first started working with my teaching partner, about 5 years ago now, he invited Nan and I to join him and his now fiance their Broomball team.  I enjoyed the game and the camaraderie.  While Nan lasted just that first game, I haven't missed a single game.  I'm not the best goalie in the league (let alone on our team) but I am the only one stepping up for us (doubly so because I can't play any other position!)

It all ends tonight.

Yesterday morning, at our grade level math meeting, I stood up to get a piece of paper, pulled my chair back to me with my right leg and fell to the ground.  The weld holding the front legs together snapped off.

Ego bruise! And I'm down 5 pounds this month!
I jumped up and laughed with my colleagues but my knee hurt.  It got stiffer as the meeting continued so I went to the nurse before the kids arrived.

Given the state of my knees normally, the nurses were alarmed.  My leg was wrapped and iced.  They made me call Nan and I was sent to the school's contracted care facility to be checked out.

Waiting in the Nurses' Office was kinda fun, as I got to interact with all the early morning kids who came down for a variety of reasons.  And I got to spend some extra time with Nan.  But there is some damage.  The knees are fine but a lot of the ligaments and muscles are strained.

My new best friend!

I have a cane for a week or so and four PT appointments.  I feel a whole lot better today but have taken it really slow.  I've had two sessions with this device, too.

What the hell do these settings do?!?!

Part of the therapy involves some electro-therapy while my leg is wrapped in ice.  It's kind weird but I have to admit I feel better after.

And it all boils down to no Broomball tonight.  If we win tonight, we'll end up third seed and in good shape for our playoff run.  Our captain thinks the rest will help and get me healthy for the playoffs.  While I agree, I'm still kinda bummed.  My student teacher wants me to go and act as coach.  

I'm not even going to root them on, as if I do, I know I'll try to get out there...


  1. Man, you didn't even say anything about this when I saw you today! Heal quickly.

  2. I had to look up what broomball was, for real, I've never heard of it before.
    I hope you get better soon. Those tens units work wonders...

  3. Hope you mend real soon Mock, take it handy.


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