Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just an e-mail I received...

I get lots of SPAM through my personal e-mails.  This one went to my work account.  Through our school's website....which has some verification levels.  It means someone took the time to do this. I'm baffled...

From:  Aline

Subject:  Paint the Town


Sup Smoove,It was good to see you guys at Paint the Town yesterday.  I hope next year it will be back at Atlantic Station.  Lenox had the fans hafcdunfed; too many restrictions on when & where you could use a camera this is a fan event, am I wrong?  But I digress   Thanks for autographing my pic & posing with me.  I'll see if I can get you to autograph that one too when next I get the chance.  Maybe I'll use it as my profile pic! Good luck on the season!!!  (Hope you can keep the reigns on your temper, I was at the game on Thurs & didn't see you out there for very long.)  It's time for you to step up & I want to see you do it.  There's defininitely a reason you made captain this year!  Let's Go Hawks!!!Peace

So I Googled "smoove atlanta hawks" and got this image of Josh Smith with Kevin Garnett.  I do not look like either of these men.


  1. Unless you are, of course, trying to provide an elaborate cover story to hide who you really are. (I've been reading too much spy fiction...)

  2. Ha!
    You got fan mail.
    Smoooooove, it can be your new alias...


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