Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Argo f*ck yourself."

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I am taking a personal day tomorrow to deal with some family issues.  Nothing too major, but the timing during the day end up necessitating a full day off.

Knowing that, I decided to rent some movies just for myself.  Nan made it clear that she was not interested in seeing this, so I figured I'd give it a go after she went to bed.

Argo is the first Best Picture winner I have seen since The Departed in 2006. (The last Best Picture I saw in the theater was 1997's winner....I went to see it during the worst ice storm and prolonged power outage in Vermont's was a long movie and I needed somewhere warm to be...I also saw Costner's The Postman for the same reason!)  .  I've seen some of the recent nominees, but none of the winners.

I liked Argo.  I have recollections of these events.  I was in third or fourth grade and beyond reading items on Wikipedia, I've not really delved into what happened.  This was a harrowing film.  And the look of it felt very much of the time...on screen fonts chosen felt sort of 1979/1980 retro.  There was a slightly washed out look to the movie.  

My complaints would be minor.  I think I would have preferred the opening narration to be replaced with on screen lettering.  The movie might have been a shade too long.  But all in all, Affleck has yet to direct a movie I didn't like.  And I still like him as an actor, too.

My only two Affleck connections...we attended the University of Vermont at the same time (though I did NOT know him).  And once my family was camping at a semi-remote location and the campground owners were convinced I was Ben Affleck incognito.  I claim NO resemblance at was all them!!!

In all honesty, I usually "get" Ed Helms....

It's like looking in a mirror!!


  1. That's pretty cool that you'll went to school at the same time

  2. You went to school with him - wild!
    I was in high school and remember the events well.
    And really dig that unofficial tagline!

  3. We'll keep your secret, Not Ben Affleck. *wink*


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