Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Silly Saturday: August 4, 2012

It doesn't get much more silly than this...we are preparing to head out for an all day kickball playoff.  I recognize it is some of the only exercise I get, but we went out last night to talk strategy and Nan made a late night grocery run for food and drinks.  We seem to be taking this seriously!

We are going to end the day, win or lose, with a trip to the local comic book store (Earth Prime Comics for those of you who will get the "joke") so there's that!

I'll post the results (or link to The Armchair Squid's summary of the games) tomorrow!


  1. Hey I'm stumped whats the joke?

  2. For me the joke is mutli-fold....the first and foremost is my involvement in a team that actually requires me to move around!

    Also the thought of dozens and dozens of adults running around playing kickball just seems silly to me!

    But I'll take your question as a compliment! ;)


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