Friday, August 3, 2012

Final Film Festival Friday: August 3, 2012

As the title indicates, this is the last time I am regularly planning on blogging about the week's movies.  These seem to be popular posts and I have enjoyed the comments here and on some of your blogs.  I'll post about movies and update the flickchart but probably with less regularity.

This week, we hit Redbox to purchase a few flicks and on our way out of town after the golf tournament (using chewing gum to hold the power steering together!) we stumbled across a video store and grabbed a few more!

Currently #34 on my flickchart list.

Currently #73 on my flickchart list.

After watching Captain America recently, I scoured local Redboxes until I found the one selling both of the Iron Man movies.  Both were better than I remembered.  A rainout of our kickball practice last week let us do a double feature!

The video store we found sold us the next three for $21.  Considering Redbox doesn't include the boxes, I might consider this a better deal.  Nan, Haley and I watched Super 8.  The girls liked it, as I had hoped.  I grabbed Three Musketeers for Logan and Mission Impossible to add to my Sunday afternoon lesson planning rotation.

Currently #86 on my flickchart.

The Three Musketeers Movie Poster
Currently #464 on my flickchart list.

Currently #113 on my flickchart list.

I scoured (did I already scour something else in this post?) the shelves for Thor but no luck.  I made Haley ask the boy working if they had any copies for sale and he said no.  Nan tells me I offered to buy one that they was still a rental copy and the kid said yes!  We watched it almost immediately once we got home.  Now we are ALL jonesing for The Avengers upcoming release!!
Currently #31 on my flickchart list.

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