Saturday, May 15, 2010

When It Rains....

While we did not buy our house because it had a pool, it has turned out to be a HUGE plus. We took the pool cover off last weekend in anticipation of the Pool Guy coming on Tuesday to open it up for us for the season. After he left, Nan spent the afternoon cleaning it. Later that night, she said it looked like the water level had dropped. We watched it for a couple of days and noticed that the water level was indeed dropping.

Well, the Pool Guy returned on Friday and confirmed that Nan must have accidentally torn the liner at a critical juncture near the stairs in the low end. He is not hopeful for a patch to work and believes that if we wish to keep the pool, we are looking at a total liner replacement.

I am trying to view this as just one more thing on our plate, but man....


  1. Blame it on Nancy! Sure...

    In other, that * stinks!

    I hope that a less expensive solution can be found/discovered/invented.

    *(Add explicative if necessary)


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