Thursday, July 23, 2009

"You say it's your birthday..."

Six years ago today, I met Logan Mock. Up until we met, he was known as "Peanut". If I remember properly, when we told Haley that Nancy was pregnant, we said that the baby was the size of a peanut and the nickname stuck, right up until he was born. Since then, he has always been Logan.

We gave him the middle name Richard after my grandfather. As each year passes since we lost him, he becomes bigger and bigger in my memory and I hope my boy inherits all that was good about him. It's a lot for Logan to live up to but he tries, in his own way, every single day.

He is my son and I love him so much. He has his mother's smile and his sister's great sense of comic timing. He is such a little dude and a great pal.

I love you, Logan Richard Mock. Happy Birthday.

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  1. I love your name young man! Happy day indeed.

  2. Logan, and Haley too, also have their Dad's beautiful blue eyes, sense of humor, curiosity and intelligence. Happy birthday Logan - I love you so!


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