Sunday, July 26, 2009

A View From The Roof

Last week I finally got up on the roof to fix the leak near the main vent. It was relatively straight-forward work. Here are the views from the roof of our house...I might add them to Google Earth at some point...

There is Nan on the deck, as I look to the south west. The fake chimney looking thing is what I needed to fix.

There is a smidgen of the pool and Nan's garden area to the south east.

Here is the whiffle ball field to the north east.

A tighter shot of the pool area and Logan and Haley!

The swing set looking due south.

Due east.

A blurry shot of the north (I think this was the first one I took and was a little shaky!)

It's me in my bright yellow working case Google is using its satellites while I am up there. Nan wanted me to write them a message but they haven't rephotographed the area in 6 years so I did not bother...

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  1. Very cool--this is how the house looks to a whiffle!


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