Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From The New York Daily News

The New York Daily News asked this about the New York Yankees: Where's the pitching?

Not in the Bronx, apparently. According to the Daily News, 10 weeks into the season the Yankees' starting pitching isn't nearly as good as expected, and you have to wonder when we're going to see the dominance everyone expected.

According to the Daily News, the starters have a 4.93 ERA, which ranks 12th in the American League, and even if that number is inflated by the Chien-Ming Wang(notes) saga, it still reflects a lot of mediocrity that has been covered up to some extent by all the late-inning comebacks.
And so in these last five games, neither A.J. Burnett(notes) nor Wang got out of the third inning, Joba Chamberlain(notes) threw 100 pitches in four innings, and Pettitte went only five innings for the third time in his last four starts.

Is this any way to win the AL East? The wild-card berth continues to look like a nice bailout for the Yankees if they can't beat the Red Sox, considering the lack of legitimate candidates. But nothing is assured if the starting pitching becomes an issue for this team, according to the Daily News. (via Yahoo Sports)

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