Monday, June 22, 2009

Also while camping....

We decided to have a fire while camping. The wood was sparking up a storm. My five year old, Logan, asked "Why is the fire sparking?" I said it has to do with the composition of the wood. He replied "So you don't really know, do you?"


  1. But there is the irony, you do know, you are just helping him with his cognitive reasoning skills to see if he has the passion to pursue his question to its final conclusion.

    Besides, the fire sparks because some one obviously put pop rocks in it.

  2. Terrific response from Logan! The fire is *trapped inside* the log, and humans let it out.

    PS wasn't your answer totally right? Different firewood has different levels of dampness, hardness, density etc, each piece of which burns at different rates and with different results.


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