Monday, April 6, 2009

What I Was Reading...Until Last Night

The Hard Way (Jack Reacher Series, #10) The Hard Way by Lee Child

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As good as the Reacher novels get. This one had some good twists and turns. I thought the whole mystery was good and I even figured out a few things before they were revealed!

On a side note, unlike James Patterson's recent (preachy) take on the horrors of modern Africa, I thought Child did a much better job of conveying what is going on over there. It was touched upon briefly by a character who was a red herring but made sense to the overall story (again, unlike Patterson's recent "Cross" novel).

Pure escapist adventure. I had a recent "debate" on Twitter as to how many books in a series you should read in a row. I find myself wanting to grab the next immediately.

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  1. "Persuader" is waiting for you to pick up!

  2. I don't this author, but I confess to being a serial reader. I read all of Tom Clancy's novels in one summer. I enjoyed all of them (except "Rainbow Six" which was awful), but now I have no desire to pick up another Clancy novel.

    I would recommend at least one book in between. But I'm from Rutland so don't put too much stock into what I say.

  3. I'm about to start Child's latest in paperback "Nothing to Lose."

    I like the Reacher novels because they are as close to capturing the spirit of John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee character, with his code of conduct and basically being a one-man army badass.

  4. Glad to see someone else reading Lee Child's Reacher novels - I've been reading them for years.

    Can't wait for Gone Tomorrow next month!

    I saw Child speak in Manchester a few years ago; said he already had the title of the final book in the series (either 19th or 20th): Die Lonely.


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