Sunday, February 28, 2016

02-28-16: Random Thoughts

This was a crazy week.  We were flooded once again.  It was quite disheartening.  But it is over and we haven't lost too much property this time.  We might have to tear up all the sub floor in the basement but what are you going to do.

I also missed out on a trip to the Adirondacks that I had been looking forward to for a long time.  But in not going, I had extra time to bond with my son (who was a TREMENDOUS help at 1:00 AM on the first day of the flood) and got to hang out with one of the guys (and his wife) who was supposed to go on the trip but he stayed behind, too.

At about 4:30 AM on the first day of the flood, Nan convinced me to empty the bottom drawers of the file cabinets that hold my comics.  The image of us bringing stacks of comics, eventually totaling over 1600 books, to lay out in an upstairs bedroom, kind of makes me chuckle now.

So after things calmed down, I spent some time prepping for Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow, got some reading done for my Masters class this week, and took some notes for the next round of contract negotiations.  It seemed like a good time to reward myself with a trip to Earth Prime Comics and grab some books.

My last trip had been January 3, so I did not expect to have a lot waiting for me.  I was so very wrong!  But reading comics tonight and entering them into my database has been fun.

It has also brought me to TWO milestones tonight!  I entered "All-New Wolverine" #5 as the 9,000 comic in my collection. This is my threshold number.  This means I am going to cull some stuff in the next few days to keep the total low.

The second milestone is that issue contains my FIRST printed letter to a comic book!  I had sent an e-mail in to the editor after reading issue #3 praising the book and it got printed!  Around the same time, I was moved by a different comic to thank the creator on Facebook and HE wrote back to me!

All in all, not a bad way to end a disappointing vacation!


  1. Crazy weeks usually mean bad but good. great to focus on the good- your son stayed back with you and you had your letter published!

  2. I like that positive spin...sometimes it is difficult to be "half full" all the time but it's worth it in the end!

  3. Definitely not the vacation we anticipated, but still with many sweet and fun moments. I'm so very excited for publication in the Wolverine comic!

  4. Awesome! I'll have to try and get a copy.

  5. On another bright side, you're developing some wicked touch on the racquetball court!

    See you soon.


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